4 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself

Carry a personal alarm. Go online and buy one, or failing a special alarm, a whistle will do.  You can get some very reasonably priced personal attack alarms.

Get into the habit of ALWAYS carrying it so that it becomes second nature and so that you get to the stage that it feels as if you are missing something if you accidentally leave the house without it.

Hanging out the washing. Many physical attacks happen when you least expect them. Being confronted when you are hanging out the washing is not uncommon.

After all, if somebody knows where you live it is easy enough to watch the garden and to hide in wait or to hop over the back wall.

Ensure that you keep your mobile phone handy at all times. Do not place it on the garden table or a wall – tuck it into your bra. You will need both hands free while pegging out the washing but here you can simply drop the damp towels and grab the phone while running inside.

check your way is clear

Entering and leaving your home. Check, check and check again. If you drive, you have to decide if you are going to park a distance away from your home so that your car can’t be identified and risk walking or park closer.

Should a car approach as you are about to turn into your garden gate or door continue walking until it has gone around the corner, and then retrace your steps.  Obviously if you are threatened, get inside as fast as you can and call the emergency services.

Driving. Know your bolt holes and the way to the nearest police station.  Check your rear-view mirror often and be especially alert when driving home from work in case you are followed.

If you are suspicious about a car or a motor bike behind you, do not enter your street. If possible, go around a roundabout and double back on your tracks or go right around a block, keeping to busy roads where possible.

If the person in the other vehicle is genuinely following you, this will force them to give up and to drive on or to show themselves. And remember, you may not recognise the person behind you, but they may know you. The important thing when out driving is to remain calm.