Pack a grab bag

Do you ever fantasize about what your life might be like if you had the nerve to leave an unhappy relationship?  Perhaps you worry that the next argument may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Are you frightened of ongoing physical violence or worried that the psychological abuse may escalate to a new level?

If you have got to the stage where, for whatever reason, you are seriously considering that one day you might have to leave, pack a bag.

your escape pod

your escape pod

Pack a bag but be sure that it won’t be discovered. Hide it inside that old suitcase that you keep on top of the wardrobe or better still, keep it with a trusted friend – although preferably not a mutual friend who also knows your other half.

This bag is your escape pod and where possible it should contain the following;

  • your passport and/or ID
  • drivers licence
  • birth/marriage certificates
  • educational qualifications and certificates
  • copies of the most up to date bank and credit card statements
  • copies of any insurance policy documents

The bag should also contain details of

  • any investments, savings and loans
  • any premium bonds or share certificates
  • your address book.

Remember, everybody is unique and we set different values on items so if you have room you could also include some photos of your loved ones and jewellery or small items of monetary or sentimental value.

If possible the bag should also contain a couple of changes of clothes and a small toiletry bag stocked with the basics.

If you believe that your safety could be compromised, for instance if your passport was not to be found to be in its usual place in your home, take a photocopy and be aware of where it is if the opportunity arises to grab it in a hurry.

This bag could save you an awful lot of time and effort in the long run, and just knowing that it is there and ready to go should the need arise can help you to feel calmer about your situation