Under Pressure


  • Do you jump at the sight of your own shadow even when hanging out the washing?
  • Do you plan your routes around town with several exit strategies built in?
  • What should you take with you if you need to leave your home in a hurry?

Most of us don’t give a second thought to any of the above unless we suddenly find our lives are turned upside down and we feel threatened.  Fear can be debilitating but most of us muddle through and human instinct enables us to employ survival tactics on the fly. When my life imploded I would have given my eye teeth to find one website which contained all of the information that I needed.  I also wanted a site written by someone who could relate personally to what I was going through,

Smash the Pumpkin is that site and it will include hints and tips which I found invaluable or which others have passed on to me.  Some of them may sound obvious and frivolous and others extreme, but they could save you tense hours of nail biting and wondering how the hell you are going to deal with a particular situation

With information, articles and real-life experiences, Smash the Pumpkin will equip you with the tools which can guide you from believing that you are a victim to knowing that you are a survivor.

Smash the Pumpkin can equip you to lead the life that you want to lead, accept what you cannot change, and enable you to move forward into a future that sparkles with optimism.  Whether you are moving on from an abusive relationship or simply stuck at a stage in your life which is leaving you feeling unfulfilled or unhappy, this is the site for you

I do not profess to be an expert – there are plenty of those out there, but maybe my story and my experiences can help you.