Let’s get started

I had always dreamed of travel.  My favourite subject at school was geography and I would avidly devour travel books and watch documentaries, never realising how travel would eventually save me.

It was during an especially traumatic time following my flight from an abusive relationship and when I was at rock bottom that I knew that I had to either roll over and give up or I had to find a way to pull myself up by the bootstraps.

I had to prove that I was capable of standing on my own two feet and that I could trust my own judgement about people, so I leapt way outside my comfort zone and I booked a holiday with an adventure tour group to India.  I was to fly alone to New Delhi before meeting up with the rest of the group.


The woman who was crying into a glass of wine at Heathrow airport has long been left behind.  I am writing this whilst sitting in a hammock on a vine covered terrace and taking the occasional cooling dip in the pool.

I have given up my stable nine to five job and I have moved out of the UK.  I have joined the band of wanderers who live a life less ordinary, nomads who live a life of uncertainly, and I now live a life that makes me sparkle and fills me with joy.

I mentor and coach people who want to grow themselves, who want to walk out of their lives for a day or a week and who hope to find another path to take.

I do not profess to be an expert but I have passion and empathy and I believe that everybody owes it to themselves to live an amazing life.

I should add at this stage that travel does not have to cost a lot, and in fact, if you travel in the cheapest way possible you will find things out about yourself and other people a lot quicker.

Click on the links and find out how I re-discovered myself and how I found the courage to make such a drastic life change.  Follow me as I embark upon my journey.  Your dreams may be very different to mine, but what is important is that they are YOUR dreams.