An easy challenge

You will have compiled several lists – your Dream List and your Challenge List are just two of them.

They are samples of the basic activities that you will undertake at the beginning of the Smash the Pumpkin Project.  You will understand the importance of these exercises and how they will form the basis of many of the challenges that you are going to do.

They are necessary to identify your dreams and your passions and you will weave them into your future challenges.


One of your first challenges will be:  to go the cinema.  Solo!

Part of the ethos of this course is to get out there and do things.

Gradually, by working through the range of activities and challenges you will improve the quality of your life, even if, at this point in time, there are bits of it that you are unable to change.

Your job may be mind-numbingly boring but what do you do in the evenings or at the weekend?

It is a fact that a job – especially an office job which doesn’t stretch you, saps your energy in a way that physical work doesn’t.

So if you find that you usually get home from work, grab a bite to eat and then flop in front of the TV or play computer games, promise yourself that this week you are going to do something different.


It’s not hard, it won’t cost too much – you are going to the cinema.


I can hear some of you starting to object already.  Which objection are you going to give me?

I have nobody to go with

You are going to go alone.  Solo. Believe me, lots of people do, and even if your friends want to tag along, say thank you, but no thanks.  You are going to go all by yourself

There’s nothing on that I want to see

Pick something.  Anything.  Who knows; you may find that you enjoy an entirely different genre of film.  Try a subtitled foreign language film.  Give science fiction or fantasy a go.  Or try one of the many historical documentary type films that are doing the rounds.

Why pay to go to the cinema when I could watch a film for free on the TV?

When you expand your horizons you tend to view the world differently and therefore you view yourself differently.

You will increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem and you don’t have to buy the over-priced popcorn do you.

Go on, what have you got to lose?

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