Do you like yourself?

One of the first steps to boosting your self esteem is to begin to like yourself, although this can be hard when your self confidence is constantly being knocked down.

If you are living in an emotionaly abusive relationship you can become more and more withdrawn and may doubt your ability to make your own friends and to cope on your own.

For example, you may believe (because you are constantly told) that you are judged on your clothes and your appearance. When you are preparing to go out are you usually accused of ‘not making an effort’ or are you coerced into wearing an outfit which you know doesn’t suit you or you are not comfortable wearing? We all know what it is like if you are in a social setting and you are having a bad hair day or you think that your skirt is too short. It makes us shrink into ourselves even more, hoping that nobody will notice us. We squirm inside and can feel sick or end up with a migraine.

If your partner is supportive and does not try to control you, you may be reading this and wondering why on earth anybody would put up with this. There are a hundred and one reasons ranging from fear of a physical or verbal attack, a sick knowledge that if you don’t comply it will lead to a week of sulky quiet, or the worst one, you are eventually worn down and you begin to believe that things are true.

No matter what your appearance or your personality, nobody should try to change you or persuade you that you are worthless.