Your Life CAN Sparkle

Identify what it is that you enjoy – those things that make you feel good about yourself and which boost your self esteem.  These will be the things that you will talk about with passion and which you would love to devote more time to doing if only normal life would stop getting in the way. They are your secret dreams and ambitions; the hobbies and the pastimes which you yearn to engage with or which you have had to give up.  These are the things that make you sparkle.

Focus on one of them and work it into your life.  This may seem like an impossible dream at the moment, but give it time and do not give up.  Take baby steps and you can get there.  You may find yourself taking another route, or going off on a tangent, but by working towards your goal you will discover a side to yourself which you like and which you can really take pride in.

Whether bits of your life feel grey and dull and it has lost its shine or whether you have ever been on the receiving end of bullying, manipulation or a controlling personality, do not underestimate the extent to which you may have adapted and changed your personality in order to cope with day to day life.

In this section you will find ideas and exercises which will lead you towards your goals enabling you to put the joy back into your life