I am a life coach. I support my clients on their journey as they discover what they are truly capable of.

My mission is to demonstrate that anyone is capable of making changes to their lives – so long as the desire to change is strong enough.  You don’t have to settle for second best or live your life to the beat of someone else’s drum.  I want to show you how changing your mindset and implementing simple practices can make a big difference to you and subsequently to the attitudes of those around you.

For the past six years I have been living and working nomadically.  I have been investing in my own personal development and studying different practices and disciplines which I pass on to my clientele.  As an online coach I understand that every person has a unique set of problems and as a nomad I understand that the best way to understand people is to approach them in an open and non-judgmental way.

People know that they can trust me to do the best that I can and to work intuitively alongside them to identify the root cause of their problems before guiding and coaching them with specialised techniques and coping mechanisms.

I continuously add new disciplines to my portfolio – my latest qualification is that of a Mindfulness Practitioner – and I call upon a variety of different strategies in order to tailor a unique experience for individual clients.

Prior to this stage in my life I was married with children and I worked in administration in a university until an acrimonious divorce changed everything.

As a result of that I have sadly become a bit of an expert on child estrangement, stalking and harassment, emotional abuse and staying safe.

However this period in my life enabled me to learn how to deal with years of negative comments that undermined my self belief and it taught me how to rebuild my self esteem. I designed and produced an online course in order to support others who are going through the same process and I have become a bit of an expert on backpacking, solo travel and mentoring others.

I have always had a positive attitude and an ability to appreciate the things that are around me, but following an emotional breakdown when things got really tough I also understand what if feels like to be in the depths of despair.

If you could do with a little bit of support to help you to understand some of the problems in your life at the moment reach out to me. That first step is always the hardest – but if self belief is a real issue for you, an email provides some distance and a sense of security.

Email me at info@scarletjonestravels.com.