About Smash the Pumpkin

Why Smash the Pumpkin?

A good relationship is one in which both parties have space to grow, feel love and are supported by each other and it is one in which they are empowered to make decisions for themselves.

A toxic relationship has an imbalance of power and it may be abusive.  It is, at best stifling – at worst dangerous.

You may have have come out of such a relationship or perhaps you are still there and you are unable to see any way out.  You may have friends and family who you are worried about or you may have lost all sense of your own identity and your self esteem – but hang on in there, it DOES get better.

Eventually, you WILL seize back control of your feelings and you WILL have the strength to fight back.  In the meantime, bundle up all of your problems and imagine them contained within a large orange pumpkin which you pop behind you on the shelf. As new problems and dramas occur, they can be absorbed by the pumpkin which swells and swells. One day, you will turn around and you will smash the pumpkin which contains everything which is holding you back.  As the pulp scatters into the far distance, you will explode the myths which you have been dragging around with you and you will reveal your dreams.

Unpeel the layers to expose the person that you really want to be.